The Relaxa bathlift is just as it sounds – relaxing.

This easy-to-use device is installed at the side of the bath to gently lower and lift the user with ease and dignity. The smooth motors will prevent any unnecessary jolting when the seating belt moves.

This bathlift can be hidden away with ease when it’s not in use. Simply slot the rechargeable battery unit into place whenever it’s needed and stretch the belt out across the width of the bathtub.

At the touch of a button, the user can lift and lower themselves to and from the bath with ease. The belt is made from strong polypropylene for complete peace of mind.

The Relaxa can even help you run the perfect bath! It’s fitted with a built-in digital display and probe that will test the water temperature before you get in. This saves the client from having to bend over and test the water themselves.

Technical Specifications

Maximum User Weight 20 stone (127kg)
Dimensions (L x H x D) 55.5cm x 32.5cm x 11.8cm
Weight 15.9kg
Power 2 x 12V rechargeable batteries



The Relaxa bathlift can help users get into the most perfect bath possible thanks to its built-in thermometer! This unit is easy-to-use and delivers a dignified and safe transfer.

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