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To learn more about Aquadapt and what we offer, or for free no-obligation advice, simply contact our friendly and experienced team!


The Aquadapt team have worked in healthcare and mobility solutions for many years and have unrivalled expertise in adaptations for elderly and disabled people. 

We have completed hundreds of bespoke bathrooms, ramp adaptations and stairlifts with varying levels of complexities to suit every client’s needs. We are based in the North of England but can work further afield as required.

Aquadapt can provide everything from an initial home site survey and guide you through the design stage, installation, aftercare and servicing. Your every need will be taken care of so you can enjoy your new adaptation with minimal hassle. No matter how large or small the project is you will find that there is the same attention to detail. You are the client and it is your needs which are important to us!
We have our own plumbers, joiners, technicians and trained staff who will ensure quality work. Whether you have contacted us for a simple ramp, a bathroom adaptation, an alteration to a room for easier access, or a stairlift installation you will find the same high standard of care. We can provide a complete package which includes building work, wall finishes, floor finishes and electrical work as part of the project. Having Aquadapt takes away the hassle for you and means that you do not need to worry about organising trades people as we will sort all of this.
Working with us means you can get the style you want whilst ensuring full accessibility in any scheme chosen. Our team will work quietly and politely to make sure there is minimal disruption for you.
We have a range of ramping solutions and use experienced joiners and fitters to provide for all entrance requirements. Our ramping solutions range from small portable ramps to permanent structures, designed in compatibility with your entrance environment.
We are stairlift specialists. Contact us for initial stairlift survey, we can cater to all types of staircases and provide bespoke curved or straight solutions. All our technicians are trained and have many years of experience in specifying and installing stairlifts.

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