Bathrooms & Wetrooms

Bathrooms & Wetrooms

Aquadapt offer a complete design and installation service with the client in mind. We can work together on level access showers, wetrooms, and bathroom adaptations so that the client can access everything they could possibly need with as little hassle as possible.

Our very own professional plumber carries out the installation with minimal disruption and high-quality craftsmanship. A no-obligation site survey can be arranged just by giving us a quick call!


Bathrooms & Wetrooms

Shower Trays

Aquadapt offer a wide range of shower trays to accommodate every situation. A whole host of different widths, depths, heights and shapes are available to make the most of your particular situation, along with custom-made trays should this be required. Some of our shower trays are tested to withstand loads in excess of 60 Stone.

Wetrooms are crafted using a former tray which is set into the floor and tiled or covered with waterproof slip resistant flooring. The gentle slope towards the waste pipe provides the necessary drainage.

Installations are carried out by our experienced personnel, ensuring that the tray is watertight and blends in seamlessly with its surroundings.


Shower Doors & Screens

Literally hundreds of shower doors and screens are available, in many different styles and sizes. Half height doors allow carers to aid the client whilst showering, whilst a vast range of full height doors are also available. Shower doors can also be made to measure if required, and are fitted by our trained competent technicians.


Accessories & Finishes

TILING: The full tiling service can be provided using your own tiles or tiles supplied by ourselves. Alternatively, Mermaid board (water-resistant WBP plywood with a high-pressure laminate surface) can be supplied and installed.
FLOORING: Non-slip lino or floor tiles can be supplied and installed by our fitters.
DECORATING: A full painting and decorating service is available if this is required.
SHOWER CURTAINS: Many different styles and sizes of shower curtains can be supplied and fitted, with custom-made sizes available on request. Shower curtains work well when used in conjunction with half height doors.
SHOWER UNITS: Efficient reliable shower units can be supplied and installed.
SHOWER SEATS & STOOLS: A whole host of both free-standing and fixed wall-mounted shower seats and stools are available. Please see our household catalogue for more information.
BUILDING WORK: Any ‘making good’ work or alteration work can be organised, including plumbing, electrics, joinery and structural work, such as moving doorways.
BASINS & BIDETS: Many different styles of basins and bidets are available – please ask us for further details.
TOILETS: Wash-dry, height adjustable or simply standard toilets can be supplied and installed. Please see our toileting catalogue for more information.
GRAB RAILS: We stock a wide range of grab rails for use in wetroom and shower room environments.

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