Swift Ramp System

Swift Ramp System

The Swift Ramp System has been carefully designed from modular and adjustable components that are manufactured and stocked in quantity ready for quick despatch and installation. This durable system is easy to select, specify and install, and gives endless configurations with a superb end result.


Swift Ramp System

Carefully designed as a modular wheelchair and scooter ramp, the Swift Ramp System has adjustable components to give endless positioning and configurations to fit most environments. Coated in zinc, the Swift Ramp System is permanently prevented from rusting.

The modular design of this wheelchair and scooter ramp means that should any components have a fault or become too weatherworn, it is incredibly simple to replace and fix the ramp without having to dig anything up.

Our own engineers and technicians complete the construction and installation of the Swift Ramp System with a professional, high quality finish.

Key Features:

  • Zinc coating prevents rust
  • Modular design
  • Easily adaptable
  • Rugged to handle any rough terrain

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