Aerolight Xtra

Aerolight Xtra

The Aerolight Xtra is a long wheelchair and scooter ramp which folds away into a suitcase when not in use. This portable ramp is designed for accessing public and domestic buildings.


Aerolight Xtra

Fast and easy to deploy, the Aerolight Xtra is a long wheelchair and scooter ramp.

Folding away when not in use, this long ramp can be used to bridge unequal surfaces in public and domestic buildings. With a contrasting colour down the edges of the Aerolight Xtra, the ramp is highly visible and has an anti-slip surface across its width.

Key Features:

  • Folding long ramp
  • Clips together when folded for easy carrying
  • Anti-slip extra grip
  • Anodised aluminium kerbs and lips prevent stains and corrosion
  • Strong, lightweight
Model Length Ramp Width (excl. handles) Lip Width Capacity Weight Stored Dimensions (LxWxD)
AX6 60cm (2’) 76cm (30”) 71.4cm (28.1”) 450kg (71st) 4.7kg (10lbs) 60x39x8cm (24x15x3”)
AX9 90cm (3’) 76cm (30”) 71.4cm (28.1”) 450kg (71st) 6.5kg (14lbs) 90x39x8cm (35x15x3”)
AX12 120cm (4’) 76cm (30”) 71.4cm (28.1”) 400kg (63st) 8.3kg (18lbs) 120x39x8cm (47x15x3”)
AX15 150cm (5’) 76cm (30”) 71.4cm (28.1”) 300kg (47st) 10.1kg (22lbs) 150x39x8cm (59x15x3”)
AX18 180cm (6’) 76cm (30”) 71.4cm (28.1”) 300kg (47st) 11.9kg (26lbs) 180x39x8cm (71x15x3”)
AX21 210cm (7’) 76cm (30”) 71.4cm (28.1”) 300kg (47st) 13.7kg (30lbs) 210x39x8cm (83x15x3”)
AX24 240cm (8’) 76cm (30”) 71.4cm (28.1”) 250kg (39st) 15.5kg (34lbs) 240x39x8cm (98x15x3”)

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