Aquaclean Mera Care Wash/Dry Toilet

Aquaclean Mera Care Wash/Dry Toilet

The Aquaclean Mera Care shower toilet combines all the features of a conventional WC and bidet, with the comfort of warm-air drying. Simple to use shower, drying, and air purifying operation makes for a cleaner and more hygienic experience. Users can also maintain their privacy and independence with completely hands-free operation settings.


Aquaclean Mera Care Wash/Dry Toilet

The AquaClean Mera Care is an exceptionally innovative wash dry toilet that combines the features and functions of a toilet and a bidet to create a comfortable hands-free toileting experience. The easy to use shower, drying and odour-eliminating air purification operations make the entire process more hygienic. Plus the continuous flow of fresh warm water for cleaning provides users with a more pleasant and freshening sensation than normal toilet tissue would.

Individual Settings

There are 3 different shower settings on the AquaClean:

  • Oscillating: regular forward and backward movements of the spray of water
  • Massage: a pleasant and relaxing setting
  • Lady: gently cleans the sensitive areas carefully and comfortably

This allows users to choose the cleaning option that’s right for them.

You can personalise the settings further by creating user profiles. Within user profiles, can adjust the water temperature, water pressure, drying settings and more to create an individual programme. The profiles are stored and recognised at every use, making the toileting experience more comfortable and convenient.

Get Full Control

The AquaClean comes with multiple control options. Simply use the control panel, remote control, or opto-remote to begin the wash and dry process. Infra-red sensors allow for completely hands-free operation, they automatically detect when the user wants to flush the loo and begin the showering process. The toilet only operates when the user is seated, so there is no risk of an accidental start before you are ready.

Easy to Use

The Aquaclean Mera Care is simple for both the user and anyone assisting them.

The remote control has Bluetooth connectivity – it can pair with other devices to enable eye gaze and voice control if needed.

A strengthened seat supports users during side transfers and the toilet is also compatible with many shower chairs and other aids. Height adjustments can be made from the front of the toilet and range from 425 – 560mm, which means the Aquaclean can quickly be adapted to suit multiple users.

Even cleaning is made simpler thanks to the ergonomic design, all parts can be easily moved to achieve thorough sanitation.


All AquaClean Mera Care toilets ordered in the North of England are fitted by our own plumber.

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