Bio Bidet

Bio Bidet

The Bio Bidet takes very little installation time and can fit almost any existing toilet to provide the complete wash/dry experience. From a heated seat, to different wash setting, completely customise the Bio Bidet!


Bio Bidet

The Bio Bidet is probably the most impressive toilet seat in the world! This specialist toilet add-on simply attaches on like a normal toilet seat and delivers a complete wash/dry experience. Make convenient hygiene a priority with the Bio Bidet.

Featuring a hydraulic soft open and close seat, the wash/dry device can be customised to meet any client’s preferences. It has different wash settings for men and women, including varying water pressure and oscillation for the most effective clean. The user can also set the water to a massage setting for complete luxury whilst perching on a heated seat.

The Bio Bidet will then use warm air to dry the user, meaning that toilet roll isn’t needed at all! A deodoriser is also fitted to get rid of any bad odours. This can all be operated with an easy-to-understand remote control, keeping the process as hygienic and simple as possible.

Key Features:

  • Built-in seat sensor to begin cleansing process
  • Hydraulic seat for soft open and close
  • Heated seat for complete comfort
  • Choose between turbo wash, pulsating massage, feminine wash, and posterior wash
  • Warm air-drying and deodoriser

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