Best Shower Chairs for Disabled People

Best Shower Chairs for Disabled People

What is a Shower Chair? Shower Chairs vs Shower Stools Main Features and Benefits of Shower Chairs How to Choose a Shower Chair Conclusion What is a Shower Chair? Shower chairs are basically waterproof wheelchairs that assist disabled users and their carers with showering and toileting routines. They’re also particularly versatile pieces of equipment because […]

Best Wetroom Flooring

disabled wetroom

Bathrooms might seem like a difficult environment to make accessible or wheelchair-friendly, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated.  Bathroom adaptations are a popular way to make the home more accessible. We have an accessible bathroom specialist in-house which has enabled us to design and install many wetrooms over the years. After the sizing […]

Five Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

bathroom adaptation

Making sure your bathroom is as easy-to-use as possible for disabled individuals is a challenge. What with the need to think about slippery surfaces, accessible showers, and maybe even a specialist toilet, bathrooms can be a bit more daunting when looking at accessibility. We’ve thought up 5 ways for you to make accessible bathrooms depending […]

What’s the Minimum Size for a Disabled Wet Room?

Aquadapt showroom

Many people worry about the minimum size requirements for a disabled wet room and think their home isn’t big enough…but you’d be surprised at how compact an accessible wetroom can be! Over the years, we have designed and installed a range of innovative disability bathroom adaptations and accessible wetroom fittings to satisfied clients with reduced […]

How to Adapt a Bathroom for a Disabled Person: Tips and Strategies

As we age, or if we have a physical disability, certain tasks can become more challenging. One of the areas in our home that can present the biggest challenge is the bathroom. It is essential to make the bathroom accessible and safe for people with disabilities, to make daily tasks simpler and more comfortable. In […]

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