Aerolight Lifestyle

Aerolight Lifestyle

The Aerolight Lifestyle is a full-width ramp that splits down into two halves for easy storage and transport. Lightweight and compact, this unique ramp is ideal for wheelchairs, scooters and vehicle access.


Aerolight Lifestyle

The Aerolight Lifestyle is a folding ramp designed to give easy access over uneven terrains or simply when getting a wheelchair or scooter into the back of the car. The unique two halves design makes this wheelchair and scooter ramp very lightweight and easy to carry around when not in use.

When the ramp is unfolded and placed in position, it conveniently locks to give the user the utmost security. The full width of the ramp is covered in the anti-slip surface for increased grip, and the unique lip design gives even more traction at each end and allows the ramp to be used either way around.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight folding ramp
  • Quickly and easily deployed with safety locks
  • Very simple to use
  • Easily transported with ergonomic handle

Technical Specifications

Model Length Ramp Width (excl. handles) Lip Width Capacity Weight Stored Dimensions (LxWxD)
AL18 180cm (6’) 74cm (29”) 69.6cm (27.4”) 350kg (55st) 7.4 kg (16lbs) 95x37x25cm (37x15x10”)
AL21 210cm (7’) 74cm (29”) 69.6cm (27.4”) 300kg (47st) 8.3kg (18lbs) 110x37x25cm (43x15x10”)
AL24 240cm (8’) 74cm (29”) 69.6cm (27.4”) 250kg (39st) 9.3kg (21lbs) 125x37x25cm (49x15x10”)
AL27 270cm (9’) 74cm (29”) 69.6cm (27.4”) 250kg (39st) 10.3kg (23lbs) 140x37x25cm (55x15x10”)

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